- Approved by commission for varieties in 2008.

- Created in Agrounija-Skopje.

- Created by Ing.agr. Ognen Orovcanec.

- A medially variety with middle resistance to low temperatures.

- The height of the stem is 80-85 cm.

- The spike is white and awn less.

- A good resistance to lodging rust and mildew.

- A good resistance to shattering.

- Very good milling and baking quality.

- The weight of 1.000 grains 42 gr.

- The hectoliter weight 78-82 kg.

- Quality class A1.

- Quality number 78.

- Proteins more than 14.5%.

- Sedimentation more than 50%.

- Genetic potential around 12.000 kg/ha.

- The optimal period for sowing is the second decade of October.

- It needs 600 germinal seeds per 1m2 in optimal sowing time.

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