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Our activities

The scientific research consists of creating new wheat varieties. It’s a continuous process aiming for an increased harvest/yield with greater quality.
Around 3000 lines are sown along with numerous new crossbreeds or the varieties from the range of varieties at Agrounija. During the selection, special attention is paid to the health of the wheat by following ecological standards.

Agrounija has 200 hectars of land where the seeds of wheat are expanded in categories:
lines, pre-basic, basic seeds and C1 category.
Each year, 30-40% of the areas are sown with field pea seeds.
Agrounija owns the most modern agricultural machinery for agronomic production.

The whole range of seeds manufactured on the land goes through final processing in a private center with a capacity 1200-1500 tons.

The Agrounija center has a particular activity, which is production of fodder, all kinds of concentrated products for livestock.

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The wholesale is specialized and its only function is to satisfy the needs of the agricultural production by:

  • Trading seeds from wheat and fodder crops, industial crops as well as garden seeds
  • Trading mineral fertilizers, crystal fertilizers, compost and peat
  • Trading products for plant protection
  • Trading raw materials (polyethylene foil and binders, packaging etc.)

The retail is done within a retail network of retail facilities in:
-Agrounija- Dracevo, Agrounija-Petrovec, Agrounija-Marino, Agrounija-Strajkovci and Agrounija-Butel.
There is a commerce of seeds, mineral fertilizers, products for protection in each of the retail facilities, along with a separate space and fodder.